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belah bagi

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aku mmg dah tau..bos aku skrg mmg kuat saiko org..
aku dah tender resign letter semlm

mula2 bg kat senior manager..my bos g abu dhabi lum balik lagi

awal pagi sampai je opis..lum pun smppt aku letak beg dgn roti yg aku beli..

die dh panggil..sejam oo..lama gile

cam talk hati to hati..

eyes to eyes

he is very good person with high ambition

very firm person, honoured my full respect with him

but my heart already broken by something else

so i decided to move on..

he counter offer me a lot more than my pay right now..

but my concern is not money..


++ahlinujum++ said...

sy nak sy nak duet byk
offer kt sy hehe

R i z a said...

serba salah la KD...CONFIUS NI

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